Endowed Scholarships

Donors and recipients at scholarship dinner

Endowment Scholarship Funds

MCPHS University endowment scholarship funds help donors forge their legacies and directly provide vital financial assistance to students. An endowment scholarship fund is a permanent investment in the future of MCPHS University students since the principal amount of the gift is never spent and forever grows from year to year.

Endowment funds are carefully invested to achieve the highest yield, and thereby return the largest possible scholarship awards to students. Endowment scholarship funds grow quickly through sustained support from donors, along with additional gifts from family members, friends, employees, and associates. Donors may also create or add to endowment scholarship funds through estate gifts including bequests or life-income gifts.

Endowment scholarship funds must achieve a minimum balance of $25,000 to generate an award. Typically, 80% of annual interest income is awarded, while 20% is reinvested with the principal, although the specific terms of each endowment scholarship fund is collaboratively crafted by the donor and MCPHS University representatives.

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