Donor Recognition

Loyalty, Support and Commitment

MCPHS University recognizes and rewards the loyalty, support, and commitment of donors whose financial contributions help MCPHS to advance its educational mission. To honor the donors whose gifts help to make such an important difference in students' lives, MCPHS University recognizes such generosity with various honorary associations that recognize and reward magnitude of gifts, consistency of giving, giving that supports student scholarships, and other significant philanthropic gestures.

MCPHS University also publishes its annual “Report on Giving.” This print and web-based publication features the names of donors categorized according to a range of measures and criteria, as well as compelling profiles of donors whose personal histories provide fascinating insight into their relationships with the University, career progression, family lives, and motivation for their charitable support.

Thank you to all donors whose gifts support student academic success and achievement. MCPHS University Donor Recognition:

Annual Giving Societies
Constant Cardinals
Lifetime Benefactors
Monahan Society
Pillar Society
Scholar Supporters